Saturday, November 05, 2011

Three thumbnails from Hansel and Gretel

These are the three location thumbnails from Hansel and Gretel.
Based on what Lisa and Dan said I made some changes from original ones.

and These are the old versions.

I think the above is better and stronger in terms of clarity.
But I like the texture and feeling of my old drawings.
I think the bottom ones are more pretty in some way...?
think they are less clear and a bit hectic though.

guess I'm done with these...

Ah, I forgot to put color on them !!
oh mannn want to finish it!! T^T
I like doing this,
but hate to keep the same drawings for long time to fix.

I should move on next asap!!
nevertheless, whenever I make some changes,
I learn a lot actually. That's why I keep fixing them.

My eyes are burning now..
can't look at the monitor..haha
'The eyes of artist'
which can't look at computer's monitor directly and naturally -_-

my poor eyes ;_;.
wish I have good vision!!!

but still thank for having eyes to see.
Thanks God for giving me good eyes. hihi
I'm a blessed girl.

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