Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Witch's Cottage and the Witch for Hansel & Gretel

Witch's Cottage and the Witch for Hansel and Gretel project.
Thanks to this project, I could really learn how to design.
I realized that I just have to keep trying
until I get the design that I'm satisfied with.
Colors are saturated more in this page than in photoshop though.
I don't know how to adjust the color properly.
Is it just problem of here?
I made some changes in photoshop but it didn't work out.

The only issue is that I like the line drawings better than the rendered one :(
I'm not really satisfied with the above rendered witch.
I should learn how to render well...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Woman

She is waiting for him,
wishing he would come back.

Phil gave us an assignment: draw a character that is inspired by a music.
so I drew this woman based on the music that inspired me. This is the chinese song that Jessica tried to teach me chinese.
so I can sing a little bit putting my emotion into the song, I don't really know chinese though.
not sure what the title is.. but I love this song, it sounds really sad and emotional.
Even though I don't understand what it exactly means, the song's so touching. ;_;

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Three thumbnails from Hansel and Gretel

These are the three location thumbnails from Hansel and Gretel.
Based on what Lisa and Dan said I made some changes from original ones.

and These are the old versions.

I think the above is better and stronger in terms of clarity.
But I like the texture and feeling of my old drawings.
I think the bottom ones are more pretty in some way...?
think they are less clear and a bit hectic though.

guess I'm done with these...

Ah, I forgot to put color on them !!
oh mannn want to finish it!! T^T
I like doing this,
but hate to keep the same drawings for long time to fix.

I should move on next asap!!
nevertheless, whenever I make some changes,
I learn a lot actually. That's why I keep fixing them.

My eyes are burning now..
can't look at the monitor..haha
'The eyes of artist'
which can't look at computer's monitor directly and naturally -_-

my poor eyes ;_;.
wish I have good vision!!!

but still thank for having eyes to see.
Thanks God for giving me good eyes. hihi
I'm a blessed girl.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Police Ladies

Catch the thief!
Two police ladies are busy for their jobs.

Character Design assignment the three characters wearing the same costume.

Three little pigs and the frog

tried to come up with the design based on the line of action.
when I was drawing this, I felt like I was jumping like these pigs.
fun stuff!

Princess, Prince and the Villain

Character Design that is came up with from Circle, Triangle and Square shape.
The princess is based on triangle. the prince,which is tiny one, is from circle. and the villain is based on square shape.

I like the villain's character.
I don't know why it does remind me of myself. lol

My Self-Portrait

This is me that I did for the character design class.
The assignment was to design your self-portrait!

I usually do double shaking hands when I say hello to people!
I had fun with it :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The first posting

Fianlly, I got to start my blog!! Yay~~~
This is a kind of doodling that I've done in Digital production class.
I just wanted to test using the brush I made.
I hadn't known how to make my own brushes. I've learned it, which is so cool! I love it!

hehe maybe I'll try to post up something frequently.... but you'll see!