Friday, October 14, 2011

Police Ladies

Catch the thief!
Two police ladies are busy for their jobs.

Character Design assignment the three characters wearing the same costume.

Three little pigs and the frog

tried to come up with the design based on the line of action.
when I was drawing this, I felt like I was jumping like these pigs.
fun stuff!

Princess, Prince and the Villain

Character Design that is came up with from Circle, Triangle and Square shape.
The princess is based on triangle. the prince,which is tiny one, is from circle. and the villain is based on square shape.

I like the villain's character.
I don't know why it does remind me of myself. lol

My Self-Portrait

This is me that I did for the character design class.
The assignment was to design your self-portrait!

I usually do double shaking hands when I say hello to people!
I had fun with it :)